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  • Restoring The Balance
    Restoring The Balance

    GUEST ARTICLE BY SUE WRIGHT: Hypothesis: In a genuine and totally justified effort to improve dog welfare by promoting a humane and force-free approach to their upbringing and training over the past 10 to 15 years, we have gone too far, to the actual detriment [...] Read more →

  • Try the Crossbreed Generator!
    Try the Crossbreed Generator!

    Crossbreed dogs have always been around, but in the past few years many breeders have gone one step further in actually choosing the breeds to mix, often with the aim of producing a dog that has more ‘acceptable’ features than its pure-bred counterpart. Reasons for [...] Read more →

  • Healing The Natural Way - Alternative Therapies for Dogs
    Healing The Natural Way – Alternative Therapies for Dogs

    About Complementary Therapy Complementary therapy is the treatment of a person or animal as a whole, as oppose to just treating the symptoms of an illness or psychological problem. It is also known as holistic or alternative therapy and in differing forms, has been around [...] Read more →

  • Most Famous Internet Dogs
    Most Famous Internet Dogs

    With the internet being used by millions of people every day, new and unusual fads pop up every second across the world and our wonderful canine counterparts are no exception! Famous dogs used to be a thing of the TV only, with memorable names such [...] Read more →

  • 'They Love It' Dog Food Review
    ‘They Love It’ Dog Food Review

    Does your dog have a raw food diet? Or are you thinking about switching to raw food, but are unsure of your choices? If your answer is yes, then this review article is for you. Most of The Dog Express Team already feed their pooches [...] Read more →

  • How to Avoid a ‘Ruff’ Time Traveling with Dogs
    How to Avoid a ‘Ruff’ Time Traveling with Dogs

    Going on holiday is much more than just time away from work; it’s your opportunity to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself. On top of this, for many of us a big part of what makes a holiday so enjoyable is being able [...] Read more →

  • Should You Have Pet Insurance?
    Should You Have Pet Insurance?

    There are some insurances in life that you have to take out by law, such as insurance for your car and others that are considered a necessity such as home insurance to protect your contents or travel insurance to protect your money and luggage when [...] Read more →

  • How To Stop Your Dog's Obsessive Barking
    How To Stop Your Dog’s Obsessive Barking

    Dogs Who Bark Too Much  Barking is a dogs way of communicating with you and you will never be able to eradicate it altogether; after all, dogs do bark! (although some dogs bark very little if at all). Although incessant barking can be extremely annoying, [...] Read more →

  • Alternative Medicines for Dog Health
    Alternative Medicines for Dog Health

    Why Use Natural Medicines  In the same way that humans suffer from a multitude of ailments and corresponding symptoms, dogs also have their fair share of medical and psychological conditions. Alternative treatments such as herbal remedies, natural supplements and holistic therapies are becoming much more [...] Read more →

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