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  • What Is The Best Dog Breed For You?
    What Is The Best Dog Breed For You?

    If you’re thinking of getting a dog and it is the first time you’ve considered a canine companion, then invariably you will want to know more about specific dog breeds (unless you are off to the nearest adoption shelter – in which case well done you!) When [...] Read more →

  • Natural Stocking Filler Treats for 'Fido'
    Natural Stocking Filler Treats for ‘Fido’

    As December approaches each year, the pet shops and supermarkets start to fill their shelves with Christmas themed toys and treats for our canine counterparts; set to entice us dog owners into a frenzy of impulse buying. There are now so many canine present options [...] Read more →

  • The Border Collie Trust GB
    The Border Collie Trust GB

    We love offering free publicity and exposure for canine rescue centres and the amazing work that they do in helping so many innocent and homeless dogs. One such charity is very close to our hearts for several reasons, including our love and ownership of rescue [...] Read more →

  • Canine Care For The Winter
    Canine Care For The Winter

    The cold weather is once again upon us, with temperatures venturing into the minus figures and gloves and hats being bought in their millions. For us humans, the choice in winter is simple; we wrap up warm and only brave the cold outdoors when we [...] Read more →

  • Why Punishment is Not an Effective Training Method
    Why Punishment is Not an Effective Training Method

    GUEST POST BY LAURA BRILL There may be occasions when, as a dog owner, you come home to find your new slippers shredded to bits, your living room rug chewed at all four corners or a nice big puddle of wee on the kitchen floor. [...] Read more →

  • 5 Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car
    5 Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

    Walking your dog can be an excellent way to spend time with your pet; walking through the fields or along country roads. However, getting back into the car with muddy paws and wet fur can be a challenge for people who want to keep their [...] Read more →

  • Involve Your Dog This Christmas
    Involve Your Dog This Christmas

    This article has been sponsored by Lunchbox and written by The Dog Express Editorial Team to look at creative and fabulous ways of including your canine companion in the family during this holiday season. To most dog owners, their furry, four-legged friend is as much [...] Read more →

  • Pooch Passenger Competition (#poochpassenger)
    Pooch Passenger Competition (#poochpassenger)

    Earlier this year, everybody here at The Dog Express along with millions of dog owners and pet lovers from across the UK, were heartbroken and horrified to hear of the arson attack on The Manchester Dogs’ Home which destroyed an entire adoption unit, killing over [...] Read more →

  • Is A Rescue Dog For You?
    Is A Rescue Dog For You?

    As you know, we have 2 Border Collies and we love them to pieces. The eldest Jay is a rescue dog who we had from Freshfields in North Wales when he was 10 months old. We weren’t planning on getting a dog at that time, [...] Read more →

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