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  • Tips and Advice for Owners: How to Avoid a ‘Ruff’ Time Traveling with Dogs
    Tips and Advice for Owners: How to Avoid a ‘Ruff’ Time Traveling with Dogs

    Going on holiday is much more than just time away from work; it’s your opportunity to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself. On top of this, for many of us a big part of what makes a holiday so enjoyable is being able [...] Read more →

  • Should You Have Pet Insurance?
    Should You Have Pet Insurance?

    There are some insurances in life that you have to take out by law, such as insurance for your car and others that are considered a necessity such as home insurance to protect your contents or travel insurance to protect your money and luggage when [...] Read more →

  • How To Stop Your Dog's Obsessive Barking
    How To Stop Your Dog’s Obsessive Barking

    Dogs Who Bark Too Much  Barking is a dogs way of communicating with you and you will never be able to eradicate it altogether; after all, dogs do bark! (although some dogs bark very little if at all). Although incessant barking can be extremely annoying, [...] Read more →

  • Alternative Medicines for Dog Health
    Alternative Medicines for Dog Health

    Why Use Natural Medicines  In the same way that humans suffer from a multitude of ailments and corresponding symptoms, dogs also have their fair share of medical and psychological conditions. Alternative treatments such as herbal remedies, natural supplements and holistic therapies are becoming much more [...] Read more →

  • Why Your Dog Will Love BarkBox
    Why Your Dog Will Love BarkBox

    The Gift Of Giving Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, weddings, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s day all hold a special place in the heart of humans because they are often the times when families come together and good times are had by all. However, there is another [...] Read more →

  • What Is The Best Dog Breed For You?
    What Is The Best Dog Breed For You?

    If you’re thinking of getting a dog and it is the first time you’ve considered a canine companion, then invariably you will want to know more about specific dog breeds (unless you are off to the nearest adoption shelter – in which case well done you!) When [...] Read more →

  • Natural Stocking Filler Treats for 'Fido'
    Natural Stocking Filler Treats for ‘Fido’

    As December approaches each year, the pet shops and supermarkets start to fill their shelves with Christmas themed toys and treats for our canine counterparts; set to entice us dog owners into a frenzy of impulse buying. There are now so many canine present options [...] Read more →

  • The Border Collie Trust GB
    The Border Collie Trust GB

    We love offering free publicity and exposure for canine rescue centres and the amazing work that they do in helping so many innocent and homeless dogs. One such charity is very close to our hearts for several reasons, including our love and ownership of rescue [...] Read more →

  • Canine Care For The Winter
    Canine Care For The Winter

    The cold weather is once again upon us, with temperatures venturing into the minus figures and gloves and hats being bought in their millions. For us humans, the choice in winter is simple; we wrap up warm and only brave the cold outdoors when we [...] Read more →

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