Nov 172012

My house-mate and partner in crime Ellie, has put a considerable amount of weight on during the past 12 months. Obviously I am not going to use the word ‘fat’, as even though I am a dog, I am also a male and know better than to use that distasteful three letter word around a female.

My Mum has obviously noticed ‘this not so puppy fat’ growth as well, but in usual human fashion she is trying to blame the dog. ‘Have you put weight on Ellie?’ ‘You’ve been eating too much haven’t you?’…..ooh yes Mum, Ellie has learnt to open dog food tins with her paws and feed herself. It has nothing to do with you giving her the same amount of food as you give to me, because you ‘feel guilty’ and think she knows the difference in food portions.

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So, Ellie is going on a diet and boy is she not happy about it! All I’ve heard for the past 2 days is constant moaning about starving and wasting away and skin and bones. I’ve tried to explain that dogs don’t have ‘puppy fat’ when they are 5 years old, but apparently I was being insulting and have been given the silent treatment for the past hour….thank heavens for small mercies at least!

Jay xx (Border Collie Extrordinaire)

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