Nov 272012

It sounds like a strange title for a blog post…unless you have a dog and have ever suffered from depression!

I can say yes to both of the above and on more occasions than I care to think about, my beautiful and sensitive Border Collie has managed to pick me up from rock bottom when no human being was able to. Those who have dogs will understand this, even if you have never had a depressive episode. Maybe you were feeling down, having a bad day or just got too emotionally involved in an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, you will notice that your dog was right by your side.

Our four legged friends have more sensitivity in their left paws than most men have in their whole bodies (sorry to any men reading!!!) and it makes us love them even more; if that’s possible.

There have been times when I have found it physically and mentally impossible to even get out of bed during my worst cases of depression….but a little furry head pops around the door as I drag the duvet covers up over my head and the next minute I feel a hairy paw on my head, and in spite of myself I smile…just enough to move the veil a tiny bit…..

My dog is my saving grace and is better than any pill or chemically induced state of euphoria… dog is my depression medication.

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