Nov 122012

We count our dogs as part of the family; to some people their dogs are as close to them as children are.

Sometimes however, we treat them so much like people that we can make them sick, there is a point where we as humans must realise that our dogs can be loved to death and we must therefore, think about their health first.

Treats are okay for occasionally rewarding your dog, especially during training, but always make sure that you compensate the treat content by either reducing the food intake in comparison or by increasing your dogs exercise.

Dogs will eat food in what ever form and as often as you give it to them. They do not have intuition like humans that tells them when they should stop or that they are overweight, but we as people do have that instinct and we are responsible for using it on our pets as much as ourselves. Dogs get just as excited by a ten minute ball game or or walk around the block as they do being fed with treats.

Keeping your dog healthy and within a vets weight guidelines will ensure they live a long and healthy life and that they will continue to bring you the happiness only a dog can give.

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