Nov 122012

Welcome to our site, The Dog Express and to our first official post. We have launched this blog style website as a platform to share our knowledge, joy and understanding as both dog owners and animal enthusiasts and our aim is simple:-


To inspire and motivate those with dogs in their lives and to provide a hub of information, news, services, products and forums in an unbiased and topical format.

Owning dogs, or any other king of pet can be a demanding job, but the rewards are greater than any other. Your dog will give you unlimited and unconditional love and that passion is what we want to share with other owners and dog lovers.

Our site is growing day by day and in time we hope it will become a source of articles, information, companionship, services, news, galleries, forums and products that give dog owners and enthusiasts a place to call home.

You can find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites by using the icons on the homepage or under each article post and please feel free to contact us or leave a comment if you have any feedback, questions or article ideas.

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