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Manchester Dogs Home

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Kennel 35 is a unique and amazing charity event which will take place later in the year (planned date 5th Oct 2013 – exact date will be posted nearer the time), led by Sean Le Vegan who volunteers for The Manchester Dogs Home. The dogs home was founded in 1893 and has grown with the city of Manchester to become an inner city rescue centre for dogs. In 1999 the charity purchased and refurbished a former run down boarding kennels in Cheshire which has become a specialist care centre for dogs and has extended the charity’s name to The Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home.

The dogs home in Manchester has a current intake of approx 15 dogs a day and sadly only 34% of these are claimed or reunited with their families. Between the Manchester and Cheshire sites, the charity takes in and cares for more than 7000 dogs a year, most of who need both emotional and physical support from the volunteers and staff who work tirelessly for this cause.

The Kennel 35 Event

It is for this reason that Sean has come up with a ‘one of a kind’ charity event to raise both awareness and funds for this worthy dogs home. When the Kennel 35 project begins, Sean will be spending 35 days living like one of the dogs in the Manchester Dogs Home. He will only drink water for the first 4 days, and will eat nothing as this is the average time a dog takes to eat when in an alien environment. His food will be brought to him free of charge by a local business and he will only be allowed out of his kennel for 25 minutes a day.

From the time the staff leave the building at around 17:00, Sean will not be allowed food or be able to leave the kennel until they return at around 08:00 the following morning, and he will sleep with just a blanket on the floor. However, he will have the company of at least 1 kennel mate each day in the form of one of the Manchester Dogs Home dogs who is in desperate need of a loving home.

Sean’s amazing 35 days in the kennel living like a rescue dog will be available live via webcams linked to his kennel and this is where you come in. To help rise money for the dogs home, you can subscribe to the webcams at the minimal cost of just £5.00 for the duration of the project. Every single penny paid will be going to help the Manchester Dogs Home refurbish their home, which will house 500 dogs when full.

There will also be events on the run up to and for the duration of the project such as prize giveaways and a vet who will be attending Sean’s kennel for an hour each day, so that people can send in questions about their dogs and pets in general and have expert answers provided.

Although it may seem a long way away, this project needs to hit the ground running so that as much awareness as possible can be raised for both the Kennel 35 event and the Manchester Dogs Home and the donations can be as high as possible.


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