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PAWS Pet Foundation – Providing Assistance with Shelter

This weeks ‘featured’ article focuses on the amazing work carried out by the good people at the PAWS Pet Foundation. They are based in Florida and are aiming to build a true non-kill shelter to house distressed pets, help other, over-crowded shelters, provide a free/low cost spay/neuter service for pet owners and help in as many other ways as they can.

Maxine Needs a Home

As with all non-profit organisations, PAWS Pet Foundation relies on the help of volunteers in the work that they do. Volunteers are not just people who donate money; there are so many ways that you can help a charity like this one.

  • Fundraising
  • Educational Services
  • Clinic Help
  • Clerical/Admin
  • Dog Walking
  • Front Desk
  • Food Bank Co-ordinator

The above are just a few of the ways you can help, visit the Volunteer Page to find out more and see where you fit into a PAWS future.

The PAWS Mission Statement

P.A.W.S. Genuine Noble Mission is to Provide Assistance With Shelter to distressed pets without a home of their own, giving them, one at a time, the true opportunity of been truly cherished expressing their unconditional love in return.

The Love we see in their eyes amidst the tears of not having a family gives us the opportunity of making a difference one pet at a time.

You can visit the PAWS Pet Foundation Gallery Page which has hundreds of photos of wonderful, cute and cuddly dogs for you to enjoy and the All About Pets page is dedicated to featured stories that have been emailed to the organisation, showing how loved and important dogs really are in peoples lives.

You can contact PAWS Pet Foundation by email at support@pawspetfoundation.org and visit their website at pawspetfoundation.org. The organisations Twitter and Facebook pages are accessible by clicking the icons below.



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