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There are some insurances in life that you have to take out by law, such as insurance for your car and others that are considered a necessity such as home insurance to protect your contents or travel insurance to protect your money and luggage when you go abroad; after all you never know what is going to happen. However, according to a recent survey by Ageas, only 12% of people have insurance cover for their pets.

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Pet insurance can cost anywhere from £3.30 a month to £30.00 depending on the type of pet, cover and a lot of other variables….so it is worth paying out for something that you will hopefully never use?

Personally we have both of our Border Collies covered, however we have only done this in the past year and went without cover for a number of years prior to that. For us it is about peace of mind in that we can afford the £10 a month without any major money implications, however should we suddenly be faced with a vets bill for hundreds of pounds, we would suffer financially which would only add to the stress of having a sick dog.

It is always going to be the case with insurance that sometimes you pay for years and never reap any of the benefits and so it seems like such a waste of money, but put yourself in the position of just a few pounds/dollars going out each month against hundreds or sometimes thousands if the worst should happen.

It is often as simple as seeing the facts and figures in front of you to make the decision easier. Below are the current vet costs for certain illnesses, accidents and services you may find yourself and your dog in. If you were faced with anyone of the below, could you afford to cover the costs without detriment to yourself?

  • X-Ray – £234.00
  • Surgery – £826.00
  • Road Accident – £547.00
  • Dental Treatment – £299.00
  • Ruptured Ligament – £447.00
  • Eye Surgery – £175.00
  • Removal of Foreign Body – £401.00

Compare the above with the cost of pet insurance from just £3.30 each month and for us the choice was an obvious one, but what do you think?

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