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My Aunty has lived alone for a number of years and although she has never really been a dog person, she bought a Bichon Frise 5 years ago, named him Buddy and has never looked back. Two years later she added to her one woman dog show with a second adorable Bichon named Olli; not a puppy this time, but a 2 year old male who desperately needed re-homing…..company for both Buddy and my Aunty; and so her family is complete.

Olli after being bitten by an Akita who was off the lead

Fear not…I have not lost the plot in absent mindedly telling you all about my Aunty and her dogs, there is a point to the opening paragraph and it  is this…….a small but definitely not insignificant rant about people who do not have their dogs on leads when they are unsure about their temperament  or even worse those who do not use leads when they are well aware of how temperamental their dogs can be!

My Aunty walks her dogs every single day, come rain or shine, in the same park at the same time of day and often comes across dog owners and walkers who have a similar routine  Like any consistent dog walker will know, you get to know these other owners and my Aunty is no exception.

She has met the same elderly gentleman on several occasions, who has a cross breed Akita. Both the dog and her owner were very pleasant and started stopping for small chats as the weeks went on, but a couple of weeks back the gentlemen decided to give some of his dog treats to my Aunty’s dog; which was not looked upon kindly by his Akita! She literally took Olli to the floor (him being a quarter of her size) and although no harm was done, both Olli and my Aunty were understandably shaken.

Now I would assume after this experience that this man would now always walk his dog on a lead, especially when seeing other dogs approach….but then assuming makes an ass of you and me!!!

Yesterday my Aunty followed her usually routine and came across the Akita and her owner (neither of whom had a lead in sight), and to make matters worse the owner approached my Aunty and her dogs to advise he had taught his Akita to share her treats!….at which he preceded to feed chicken bits to his dog and as he reached out his hand to give Olli some, his Akita not only took Olli to the floor this time, she also sank her teeth into his back and side.

Thankfully Olli has been treated by the vet and after some TLC and antibiotics will be fine in no time, but he is extremely shaken and sore and my Aunty is heartbroken. We all know how upsetting it is when our dogs get hurt, because they just can’t communicate and so we feel so helpless…they can’t say that they are in pain or what we can do to help and when it has been at the hands (or rather teeth) of another dog there is then the anxiety of walking again and meeting other dogs.

It is so simple……keep you dog on a lead, especially around children and other dogs. You may have the sweetest, most loving dog in the owrld, but as much as we all trust and adore our pets, they are still animals at the end of the day and instinct is the nature of the beast.

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