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After 5 days, I am still astounded that typing the search word ‘dog’ into Google produces endless pages about ‘Elton – The Gay Dog’. Quite frankly I am shocked that this is a ‘news story’ at all.

I mean this has nothing to do with sexuality or religious beliefs or right and wrong. We are talking about a dog, who has been abandoned by his owner because he mounted another dog of the same sex. Seriously?

I am not going to use this article or website to discuss my own opinions on gay marriage and civil partnerships, because I respect that people are entitled to their own beliefs and although I do not agree with anti-gay actions in anyway, I also do not stand on my soap box and preach.

But even as a writer I am struggling to find the words sufficient enough to express my shock and amazement that firstly dogs are now being singled out for their sexual preference (or rather the fact that some dogs will hump anything that moves); and secondly, although I may have mentioned this already…..WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A DOG!

The fact that a person actually gave up a dog because he didn’t want to be associated with it’s ‘gay’ antics is beyond belief to say the least, but organisations such as the Catholic League suggesting that ‘Gay Dogs’ are now getting preferential treatment because Elton was spared the gas chamber, boggles my mind.

Am I the only person who is slightly more concerned about the millions of starving children in the world  or the giant hole in our ozone layer….what about the genocide that is committed under some political regimes in the name of ‘God’ or our soldiers who risk their lives day after day by fighting wars that do not concern them?

Read the above paragraph again and then read Gay Dog……..one more time…………GAY DOG! 

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