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Pet Food Stamps is an amazing non-profit organisation who have set up in the US to fill the gap in the current food stamp provisions. Pet food and supplies are not allowed to be purchased on general food stamps, which are given to families on a low-income to help subsidise and in some cases completely pay for the food and provision that they need.

How Do Food Stamps Help

Families who are on low incomes or who are going through difficult times financially, which given today’s economic climate is more and more likely; should not be excluded from owning or being able to keep their pet just because times are hard and allowing food stamps to be used for pet food and supplies is a fantastic idea which should be rolled out to many more countries.

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Pet Food Stamps estimates that in excess of 50 million Americans currently receive general food stamps to help with daily living costs and a large portion of these people have dogs who they struggle to feed. Dogs are companions to so many people and to be forced to take your dog to an animal shelter should not happen to anyone if help can be sourced elsewhere.

As the Pet Food Stamps program continues to go from strength to strength, they propose to offer heavily discounted and even free veterinary care in addition to the wonderful work already carried out, further helping those who have become victims of high unemployment levels  record home foreclosures and evictions.

How It Works

Once an application has been approved and a funding limit set, the staff at Pet Food Stamps transmit the order to Pet Flow who are the exclusive provider of food and supplies for the Pet Food Stamps Program.  They offer over 200 brands of pet foods and supplies and even offer a free shipping service direct to the door.

Because there are thousands of applications to the program each week, it can take several weeks for an application to be processed, however this is a huge benefit for those people and families who already receive general food stamps or who are on or below the poverty line and are struggling to keep up with the furry friends expenses.

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