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The Yellow Dog Project is sweeping across the world and has been taken into the hearts of thousands of dog lovers and dog owners on every continent.  This article focuses on what the Yellow Dog Project is, how you can get involved and where to go for more information. The links and information provided throughout this article are based on the Yellow Dog UK campaign, however you can find your countries own site with a quick Google search.

What is The Yellow Dog Project

The Yellow Dog aims to bring awareness to dogs who may need their space for one reason or another. There are a variety of reasons why a dog needs space, including being in training, healing from an operation or illness, being in season, being nervous or even just having a bad day. The purpose of Yellow Dog is to supply dog owners with a yellow ribbon or bandanna that they can attach to the dog or lead and act as a signal to other dog owners and people not to get to close.

It is not always possible to interact with dog owners whilst they are out walking their dog and so they are not always able to inform other walkers of their dogs temperament. A yellow ribbon or bandanna can be seen at a distance and they aim is that it stands as a universal indicator to give a dog space, with a view to reducing accidents and injury that can be easily avoided with a little warning.

How To Get Involved

The Yellow Dog Project.com site link is provided towards the end of this article and shows which counties already have a Yellow Dog campaign ongoing.

For The Yellow Dog UK, you can send off for your free ribbon (there may be a postage charge or an additional charge for bandanna’s or additional merchandise.) The ribbon can be used for short durations such as when a dog is in heat or recovering from an operation and they may be temperamental or the ribbons can be used for long terms instances where dogs are maybe elderly and not so keen on bouncy puppies.

Become a Yellow Dog Sponsor

Would you like to become a Yellow Dog sponsor? You can have the opportunity to become part of one of the newest and fastest growing campaigns launched within the last year and aid in the fabulous work where the Yellow Dog organisations work tirelessly to promote and raise awareness of the Yellow Dog campaigns.

Whether you are a dog owner or pet lover or have a dog related business such as grooming or dog walking, you can become a sponsor and help to promote the Yellow Dog campaign. Becoming a sponsor works out at less than £2.00 a week and in return for you signing up you will be provided with a sponsorship certificate, 10% discount on all Yellow Dog products, welcome pack with posters, ribbons and flyers, an emblem to use on your site or in adverts and a listing on the Yellow Dog sponsorship page.

Yellow Dog Project Websites

Yellow Dog UK - http://www.yellowdoguk.co.uk 


Yellow Dog Project – http://www.theyellowdogproject.com

The Official Yellow Dog UK poster

If you are a Yellow Dog Sponsor, please feel free to add your details to this article in the comments below

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