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Animal Cruelty 

‘Stray Dog’ by Dan

As a dog lover (lover of all animals actually), I get so enraged each and every time that I see or read about cruelty and neglect at the hands of ignorant and abusive humans. It goes beyond my ability to comprehend how anybody could harm an animal and when I look at my own 2 dogs, I could literally weep when I think of someone hurting them.

I know that every dog owner and animal lover who reads this will empathise with me and when the adverts appear on the television asking for donations and showing sick, injured, beaten or skin and bone dogs I am ashamed to have to look away because it sickens me to my stomach. I happily and willingly give my monthly donations to as many animal welfare charities as I can and I hope that soon The Dog Express will be able to give much more in donation to these deserving foundations also.

However, there is always a nagging feeling that the money goes to helping these animals after the suffering has occurred (which I am not disputing needs to happen), but I would also like to be able to do something more to prevent and pre-empt this pain and suffering, before it happens.

Animal Welfare Acts

In the last few years legislation such as Animal Welfare Act 2006 covering England & Wales, The Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act, The Animal Welfare Act (USA) and Animal Welfare Act 1992 (Australia) have taken great steps towards protecting dogs and others animals by increasing fines for cruelty and neglect, imposing prison sentences and banning pet owners for a few years or sometimes life.

However, a 51 week jail sentence (out after 26 weeks for ‘good behaviour’) is not my idea of justice for torturing and killing innocent animals. What is the point of banning people from owning dogs, because these types of people do not care about legalities or being stopped from lawfully owning another pet. The damage has already been done by the act of cruelty or fatality.

What Can We Do

Approximately 56.8 million people own dogs in the UK, USA & Australia alone. Can you image what 56.8 million people are capable of achieving if they unite for a cause?

Getting petitions in-front of the right people in government is no easy feat, getting these petitions turned into legislation that is passed is even harder; especially when every country has its own laws, governments and acts. But what if we had something called a ‘Universal Law’? A piece of legislation or an Act that crosses continents and spans the globe and applies to every person, in every state, in every country around the world.

Having this Act cover all animals from the get go would be a near impossibility and would have the Act tied up in courts and behind red tape across the world for years to come; mainly due to different countries having very different ideas about the treatment and living conditions of certain animals such as circuses, zoos, pet stores and farms.

But starting with everyday household pets such as dogs and cats, having a standardised law, penalties and punishments that are not only applicable to every country but carry such strict and controlled penalties that many people would not risk the cruelty and neglect that seems to come so easily to them (I say many people because there are always a select few for whom cruelty is a way of life and unfortunately poor and defenceless animals are the first to suffer at the hands of these inhumane people.)

All petitions that are signed in the name of animal cruelty are done so in each country by representatives within each jurisdiction. But a petition for a Universal Law could be signed by every person regardless of where they live and the completed petition could be presented to every government and country leader and would have the backing of millions of dog owners and animal lovers and who can argue with that kind of force?

Change Starts With You

‘Sleeping Dogs’ by Arkorn

People often think that one person can’t do anything, but everything starts with an idea, then one person, then another joins in and you have 2 and as long as there is a positive charge at the back pushing those ones forward, the momentum builds. The Dog Express wants to be that positive charge; that guiding force that lets the good, humane people in the world know that good can triumph and make a difference, even when the road ahead is hard to travel. When people unite they can create miracles and can literally change the world and it just starts with you.

Putting a signature on a form will take you less than 60 seconds, it will cost you nothing and you don’t have to take any action. We will take care of the rest and work for as long as it takes if you will just donate your signature on our ‘Domesticated Canine & Feline Welfare Protection Act’. We propose it is the first ‘Universal Law’ ever created and we are of course not naive enough to think this will be quick or easy, but it is possible of that we are sure.

‘Domesticated Canine & Feline Welfare Protection Act’

We want to start with a petition so that we can get the ears of the people that count and use the voices of the people who make the decisions. We are not professing to be able to write legislation or put an entire welfare act together  but what is currently in existence is far to lax and so many acts of cruelty and neglect go unpunished and unreported.

We would initially suggest the below points would make up the bare bones of the Act, which include aspects that are not even considered on some current animal welfare acts, such as indirect acts of suffering. It should be made illegal to watch or know about acts of cruelty  violence or causes of death to animals and not report it. In my opinion  people who knowingly standby and do or say nothing are just as accountable and liable as those who commit the acts of cruelty.


Current animal welfare acts in countries such as UK, USA and Australia have been reformed in the past 10 years and now go a long way towards protecting animals, however they do not go far enough and The Dog Express would like to see unity, standardization and a universal approach to animal welfare acts, especially where it concerns domesticated and working dogs.

We call for much tougher penalties and sentences when acts of cruelty, neglect and suffering are committed as 51 week jail sentences and £500 fines are not a deterrent to these kinds of people. We call for prison sentences with a minimum of 6 years where the death of a dog or cat is the result of neglect or cruelty and lifetime bans for any act causing unnecessary suffering.

We also call for sentences, fines and bans to be imposed on those who knowingly fail to report or stop any act of animal cruelty, as those who do nothing as just as accountable as those who commit the crimes.


  • Direct unnecessary suffering of any description carries a minimum fine of £5,000 per animal & a lifetime ban
  • Indirect unnecessary suffering of any description carries a minimum fine of £2,000
  • Direct unnecessary suffering leading to death carries a minimum prison sentence of 6 years without parole & a lifetime ban
  • Indirect unnecessary suffering leading to death carries a minimum prison sentence of 2 years

What Could We Achieve

Photo by Brandon Sigma

The Dog Express Team knows only too well that you have to drive petitions into the heart of the government of every country and obviously the above act definition is not what would be put into place, as this would be decided by those in power. However, if we only achieve increasing awareness, fines, prison sentences and holding people accountable we will have saved millions of lives and stopped the suffering of countless animals.

Please sign our petition, pass it on, share it, write about it, link to this page, copy and paste the article (yes, you have our permission to plagiarise this one article!)….help us to make Animal Welfare Acts stand out and stand up to cruelty, lets get people talking and discussing and debating and raise awareness, because we can save lives together. 

Universal Canine & Feline Welfare Protection Act Petition

We, the undersigned, call on all global leaders and governments to pass a universal law protecting the welfare of domesticated dogs and cats against suffering, cruelty, neglect or death at the hands of humans.
This universal law should replace any current jurisdictional welfare acts and impose tougher penalties for those who commits such acts and those who knowingly fail to stop or report such acts (as being equally liable).
This universal law should stand for every person, in every country and be punishable by the same penalties, regardless of citizenship or stature.

Please sign our petition, it costs no money, just a couple of seconds to add your name and The Dog Express guarantees we will make it part of our life's work to get ALL current Animal Welfare Acts reviewed and revised to include stricter penalties, more control and as such less suffering for our beloved pets.

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