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Everyone likes to think that their dog is the most intelligent and can understand everything that they say, but Betsy’s owner can actually say this with some factual proof. This amazing Border Collie who lives in Austria is able to recognize over 300 words and commands and has even been been tested for her ability to interpret images and use cognitive thinking to associate objects.

It is already common knowledge amongst dog owners and enthusiasts that the Border Collie is one of the most intelligent breeds and their abilities when used as working dogs for herding and agility is second to none. But the skills and understanding of Betsy go far beyond that of a normal dog and researchers have used her as the basis of their foundations and predictions that humans have only just scratched the surface of a dogs intelligence and their unique ability to understand what humans want before the thought has formed.

Scientists have already stated certain aspects of a canines intelligence that mimic that of a human and have not been cited in any other animal species; including our nearest counterpart, the ape. A dog is one of the only animals with the exception of humans who understand the action of pointing. Researchers carried out numerous tests and experiments which concluded that a dog understands the human action of pointing and will not only follow the gaze line of a point, but will also chose to investigate an object which has been pointed at over another.

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This video shows how Betsy is able to chose a toy by name from many others and she boasts a vocabulary of over 300 words, but an even more amazing skill which is not shown in this video is Betsy’s ability to interpret and fetch a toy based on either an 2D image or a representation. For example, when Betsy is shown a picture of one of her toys, she is still bale to pick that toy out of a batch of hundreds and she is also able to look at a smaller scaled version of a toy and then retrieve the mirror larger version. This is proof that Betsy does not just have an a mazing memory for words, but it is actually cognitive logic that aids her amazing talent.

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