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There are very few people who see or hear about cruelty to or testing on dogs who either condone it or do not pay attention to it, however being aghast and appalled in the comfort of your own home and ranting about a cause for 10 minutes will not make a difference!

Those of us who are dogs lovers are in a majority and make up over 65% of the world’s population. That’s an astounding 4,550,000,000 people who could literally move heaven and earth if we came together as one.

A topic that affects me to my very core is that of testing and experiments on animals, especially dogs; and the assumptions that as human beings we have the God given right to hurt, maim, abuse and destroy defenceless animals in the name of our own egotistical vanity and pursuit of a longer life astounds me. I have people in my life who suffer with long-term and potentially life threatening illnesses and I would do everything and anything to prevent the pain and suffering that they go through at times….however even with this in mind I could and would never condone testing on dogs to further our knowledge and progress in the name of us thinking we are far superior to anything else that may walk this earth.

STOP UNETHICAL USAGE OF BEAGLES IN CLINICAL TRIAL/TESTINGMy own personal opinion that if we have to test and experiment to further our vaccines, medicine and cures, that we should do so on human volunteers or death row inmates is of course controversial and not to everyone’s liking….but I am not naive enough to think that we can develop as a race without experiments; but they are mainly to benefit humans and so test on humans and leave dogs out of it.

So…my ranting in this post is not in vain but is with the aim of drawing as much attention as possible to this link http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-unethical-usage-of-beagles-in-clinical-trial-testing which aims to stop not only experiments on dogs in both India and China but also from the barbaric act of cutting the dogs vocal cords to ensure they are quite during testing – further proof that those who condone and carry out such experiments are so spineless and full of cowardice that they cannot bare to hear the sound of the very act that will one day condemn them to karmic retribution.

I don’t even have the words to write how disgusted and sickened this makes me and at the time of this post only 5,500 people have signed the petition….I KNOW WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!

Let’s make a stand today and protect our four legged friends they way we know they would protect us.



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