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“Cute White Dog” by Photostock

Some fun, interesting and just plain weird dog facts that you probably didn’t know….

1. Dogs can be as smart as a 2 year old child according to research released in 2009 by the American Psychological Association. They concluded, after a series of tests that some breeds of dog can count, reason and recognise words. In fact the most intelligent breed of dog, the Border Collie, has been known to recognise up to 200 words. Intelligence toys such as mazes and hidden treats help to utilise mental energy.

2. President Lyndon B Johnson had 5 beagles named Him, Her, Little Beagle, Beagle and J Edgar.

3. The most dogs adopted award goes to Ha Wenjin from Tangquan County, Nanjing who has adopted over 1,500 stray dogs. Ha Wenjin gave up her career, home and car to set up a rescue centre for all of the strays.

4. There is a breed of dog called Basenji that cannot bark. Their voice boxes are different to all other dogs so that instead of barking they make a sound similar to yodelling.

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5. Unlike humans who perspire from sweat glands all over the body, dogs only produce sweat from the pads on their feet.

6. Dogs can experience jealousy, especially when they spot that they are being treated unfairly. Dr Friederike Range in the neurobiology department of the University of Vienna has concluded that dogs show a strong aversion to inequality when treated different to other dogs. This emotion was also evident when new children, partners and pets were introduced into the family home.

7. Of the 12 dogs that boarded the ship, 3 dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic

8. Female dogs pregnancy last about 2 months compared to a human female pregnancy of 9 months.

9. Puppies are born without teeth, sight or hearing and they sleep for 90% of the time during their first few weeks after birth.

10. A dog sees the colour spectrum differently to humans.



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