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If you were told that children born into our world with birth defects such as cleft palates or deformed limbs were put to sleep because the costs and time involved in caring for them were too high, you would I am sure be lost for words. In fact, the injustice and inhumanity of an act such as this would not be tolerated in a society such as ours, where medical advancements and human compassion are born out of a fundamental need and desire to help wherever we can.

But the sad truth is that this very scenario happens thousands of times a year and the reason there is not a critical mass of outrage is because the subjects are animals and not humans.

After watching the moving and uplifting story of Mick the Boston Terrier puppy, The Dog Express knew instantly that the work of The Mia Foundation had to be shared and its profile raised, and that we would do as much as we could to help support this amazing charity.

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The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation was developed to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance. So many animals born with birth defects, such as cleft palates or missing limbs, are euthanized at birth, but with a little work and a lot of love these animals give back so much more than anyone could possibly imagine. All they need is a chance!

A tiny little Chihuahua named Mia was the inspiration behind The Mia Foundation. She was born with a cleft palate and it was suggested at birth that she be euthanized, but instead she was given a chance and in return gave much love, hope and inspiration to many people all over the world!
The mission statement of The Mia Foundation says it all really - If they are born, they deserve a chance to live!

How Can You Help

As with all charities, The Mia Foundation cannot do all of this amazing work alone. There are several ways that you could help:-
  • DONATE - The Mia Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization that runs solely on donations. Because The Mia Foundation rescues animals born with birth defects, expenses tend to run high. Click Here to donate
  • Volunteer - We always need volunteers to transport animals to foster homes around the country. Join our “Mia’s Angels” team if you can drive short/long distances. Please only inquire about being a Mia’s Angel is you can commit to the task which many involve: temporary foster, bringing animals to vet appointments and long/short distance driving all at a moments notice. 
  • Foster - Fostering is a rewarding experience! Fostering a special needs baby takes more work but is worth the effort in the end! Please, only inquire about fostering if you can be in it for the long haul. We depend on your commitment!

Success Stories

The Mia Foundation has helped so many animals already and below are just a couple of those whose lives have been saved. Visit success stories to see more…


Marcy was found on Craigslist in Florida,  The Mia Foundation had a volunteer get her. We knew she had a cleft lip and sent her to a specialist to determine if her palate was also affected.
Marcy was lovingly cared for and thankfully it was only her lip that had the cleft. She now eats on her own. Marcy is a perfect example of why cleft babies should be given a chance!


Muffy was born with no back feet. After many volunteers stepped in to save her, she was flown to New York and evaluated. Nothing stopped this little firecracker!

If we didn’t tell you her feet were missing, you would never know. It was determined the Muffy did NOT need wheels or any devices to help her. She is a happy dog and shows no disability! 

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