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The bond between an owner and their pet is unmistakable and we see and hear stories in the news almost daily about the heroic feats that humans will go to in order to protect and save their beloved four-legged friends. It is often this type of owner who is touched the most by the even more frequent stories of homeless and abandoned dogs and the endless work of charities such as Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to bring warmth, comfort and love to a rescue animals life.


Paul O’Grady in his BAFTA nominated ITV documentary, For The Love of Dogs, helped millions of viewers to see the work behind the scenes at the Battersea charity and showed us just how hard the staff work in finding new homes for thousands of abandoned dogs and cats. Battersea’s aim is to never turn a dog or cat away, but they also go over and above just taking in rescue animals. First and foremost they will try to re-unite the animal with its original owner, as there are many cases of dogs and cats going missing and loving families trying desperately to find them.  In cases where the animal has been abandoned, Battersea provide them with a new, temporary home until a new owner can be found. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take weeks, months and even years in the case of older animals or more notorious breeds. Battersea also spend a lot of their time educating the public about caring for dogs and cats, with the aim of seeing less abandoned pets due to lack of care or understanding.

Of course, all of the above takes money, and a lot of it so donations and fundraising are a big and important part of keeping charities such as Battersea going. For The Love of Dogs did a lot in raising awareness of the plight of Battersea, but now there is something you can do to help which also gives back to you.


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have just released a fantastic book called Lost & Found – True Tales of Love and Rescue from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and it is a tear-jerking, funny and heartwarming look at 12 stories, told by the very people who have re-homed some of Battersea’s rescue animals. Each story has something special, whether it’s overcoming illness, providing comfort and companionship to owners or helping others in need. There are many powerful stories including a young boy whose dog helped him to deal with a serious autoimmune disease, a woman whose Staffie was the friend who got her through cancer, a three-legged kitten that provided comfort to a widower and a Collie who became a search and rescue dog.

The book costs just £6.99 and all royalties go to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, so you get a fabulous book and you are helping to keep Battersea alive and well so that they can help many more dogs and cats that are in need of a loving, warm and safe home. You can purchase your copy from all good book stockists and also from the Battersea Website.


The Dog Express has been given an exclusive copy of the Lost & Found book with foreword by Paul O’Grady (MBE) and we are giving it away to one lucky reader. All you have to do is email us at info@thedogexpress.com or use our contact page and tell us why you should win a copy. The winner will be picked at random and announced on our site and social network pages. 



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