The Dog Express is an online newspaper and information centre specialising in dogs and everything to do with them. We have grown immensely since our launch back in 2012 and now have in excess of 55,000 monthly visitors to our website and thousands more fans on Facebook and Twitter.

We are proud to have been awarded the Top Dog Websites Award and are also a regular in the prestigious Top 100 Technorati listings in the pet category out of 58,000 other pet websites. We are fast becoming one of the go-to pet websites for industry leaders in the pet sector and are able to bring together dog owners and pet businesses for the products, services and information most needed and requested.

Our HQ is based in Stone, Staffordshire and our aim is simple:-


“To be the foremost authority as a dog information website
To give a voice to dog related charities and non-profit organisations
To act as a step-up for SME’s providing dog services and products
To give our readers the best service possible all of the time”

Owning dogs, or any other king of pet can be very demanding, but the rewards are greater than any other. Your dog will give you unlimited and unconditional love and that passion is what we want to share with other owners and dog lovers.

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We hope you enjoy our site and find what you are looking for

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The Dog Express Team

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