Mar 042014
Healthy Teeth Equals a Happy Dog

It is one of the main areas that dog owners forget to concern themselves with during the life of their four legged friend, but ensuring that your pooch’s teeth are clean also helps to keep them healthy. Just as with people, a dog’s mouth can be a haven for bacteria and infections if not looked after properly, and also as with people, this can lead to an increased risk of [...] Continue Reading →

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Dec 232013
Homemade Christmas Gifts for your Dog

The big day is almost upon us and if you are anything like the Dog Express Team who have dogs of their own, the majority of those wrapped gifts under the tree belong to your canine counterparts; and you are possibly much more excited about what you have bought them than they are going to be…….possibly! A recent statistic claimed that nearly 1/3 of dog owners will spend over $100 [...] Continue Reading →

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Nov 182013
The Amazing Zukes

Fuel The Love with Zukes As part of the Event Barkers Blog Hop, we have posted this article to provide more information about the great products and amazing work from Zukes Pets. Zukes is a bit different to many other dog treat suppliers in that they really do put pets first and profits second. They are dedicated to providing pets with natural, nutritious and delicious treats and ensure that only [...] Continue Reading →

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Feb 282013
Pet Food Stamps

  Pet Food Stamps is an amazing non-profit organisation who have set up in the US to fill the gap in the current food stamp provisions. Pet food and supplies are not allowed to be purchased on general food stamps, which are given to families on a low-income to help subsidise and in some cases completely pay for the food and provision that they need. How Do Food Stamps Help [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 262013
Natural Homemade Dog Treats

More and more people are turning to healthy and natural treats for their dogs which means many people are looking for ways to make their own dog treats. You can have the best of both worlds with homemade treats, you can chose what you do and don’t add to them and you can also keep the cost of dog treats down when compared to shop bought products. It is a [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 152013
Our Top 3 Dog Food Choices

How We Reviewed The Dog Foods Yesterdays article focused on the different types of dog food and the ingredients found in them, however with still so many to chose from how do you know which manufacturers and suppliers to trust? We have examined the ingredients, micro-nutrients and percentages in over 40 dog foods and their manufacturers and have put our top 3 into this article. It is important to note that these [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 142013
Which Dog Food Is The Best For Your Dog?

What Should I Feed My Dog? One of the most commonly asked and debated questions that dog owners have is “What should I feed my dog?” The main reason for this are the vast types and varieties of food available. Not only are we dog owners faced with wet, dry, complete and frozen, but each type comes in hundreds of different varieties and none seem to have the same volume of [...] Continue Reading →

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