Mar 052014
Misfit - Special Not Needy

Our feature post this month is all about Misfit, an adorable Doberman who was born on August 23rd, 2012 and who just happens to be blind – but Misfit is special, not needy! Misfit is somewhat of a celebrity dog, with his own Facebook page which now has nearly 13,000 fans, his own Misfits website and he has even been written about and featured in the exclusive Huffington Post. Misfit [...] Continue Reading →

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Dec 232013
Homemade Christmas Gifts for your Dog

The big day is almost upon us and if you are anything like the Dog Express Team who have dogs of their own, the majority of those wrapped gifts under the tree belong to your canine counterparts; and you are possibly much more excited about what you have bought them than they are going to be…….possibly! A recent statistic claimed that nearly 1/3 of dog owners will spend over $100 [...] Continue Reading →

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Aug 272013
What's In Your Natural First Aid Kit for Dogs?

As you can probably tell by some of the articles and options on The Dog Express, we genuinely believe in the use and success rate of herbal and natural remedies when treating dogs and as two of The Dog Express team are qualified herbalists, we also know what we are talking about (which always helps!) We have already published some great articles and ailment advice pages covering the below health [...] Continue Reading →

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Jul 222013
Alternative Medicines for Dog Health

Why Use Natural Medicines  In the same way that humans suffer from a multitude of ailments and corresponding symptoms, dogs also have their fair share of medical and psychological conditions. Alternative treatments such as herbal remedies, natural supplements and holistic therapies are becoming much more common place in today’s world and these natural medicines are not just for people. From anxiety and rheumatism, to dry skin and digestive disorders, the [...] Continue Reading →

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Feb 022013
Can Music Calm Your Dog?

The Research into Dogs and Their Preferred Music Listening to relaxing, instrumental music can do wonders to soothe the soul and calm the most active of minds. But does it work on our dogs? More and more research has been conducted in this area over the past 10 years and the conclusive answer seems to be yes. Through studies and research such as that of psychologist Deborah Wells from the [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 192013
Should You Spay & Neuter Your Dog? - The Pros and Cons

An age old question amongst us dog owners is should we put our beloved pets under the knife? As with everything, there are pros and cons to this question and this article will look at both sides of the coin. For those who don’t know the in’s and out’s of spaying and neutering, to spay a dog refers to removing the reproductive organs of a female dog and neutering is [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 022013
Should You Have Pet Insurance?

There are some insurances in life that you have to take out by law, such as insurance for your car and others that are considered a necessity such as home insurance to protect your contents or travel insurance to protect your money and luggage when you go abroad; after all you never know what is going to happen. However, according to a recent survey by Ageas, only 12% of people [...] Continue Reading →

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Nov 192012
Natural Relief for Your Dogs Stress and Nervousness

Save 10% off orders over $85 at the National Pet Pharmacy! Use code SAVE1085. No expiration date. We all know that there are hundreds of situations and issues that can cause us stress and nervousness, but we seldom think about our dogs in the same way. Household pets and especially dogs can be sensitive to all kinds of situations that can cause them stress and as they are unable to [...] Continue Reading →

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Nov 152012
How to Treat a Dog's Sore Paws - The Natural Way

There are many hazardous when walking a dog that can result in sore or wounded feet and pads. This is even more appropriate for working and agility dogs.  Dog walks in towns, cities and the countryside can present many hazards for dogs’ feet.  These can include hot pavements in the summer months, broken glass, grit salt in the winter months and sharp rocks or uneven ground. Dogs that pull excessively [...] Continue Reading →

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Nov 122012
Too Much Love

We count our dogs as part of the family; to some people their dogs are as close to them as children are. Sometimes however, we treat them so much like people that we can make them sick, there is a point where we as humans must realise that our dogs can be loved to death and we must therefore, think about their health first. Treats are okay for occasionally rewarding [...] Continue Reading →

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