Dec 102013
Beautiful Dogs Walks in the UK

Walking our dogs is of course the favourite past time of every member of the Dog Express team (it’s actually shopping and going to the cinema…but don’t tell that dogs!!!). The UK has some amazing and beautiful places that are dog friendly and provide a fabulous afternoon or even day out walking with your canine counterpart. We have chosen some of our favourites and also the favourites as voted for [...] Continue Reading →

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Aug 292013
3 Amazing Jobs That Only Dogs Can Perform

Not all dogs are stay at homes pets, some have full-time jobs and they are not just supporting roles! Detection Dog (also known as Sniffer Dog) This job involves the dog being trained to use their sense of smell to detect substances or the presence of certain chemicals. Most commonly associated with work in airports and police drug busts, it is an invaluable role that sees the seizure of millions [...] Continue Reading →

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Aug 232013
Our Best Dog Training Tips

Sharing dog training stories and tips amongst The Dog Express team members has proven enlightening, hilarious and thought-provoking. Whilst it shows that different breeds have different learning styles and that some breeds are definitely easier to train than others, it has also made it clear that there is no pre-defined way to train a dog. Hence this article so that we can share some of the tips and tricks that [...] Continue Reading →

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Jul 222013
Essential Items to Have For a New Puppy

It’s an exciting time when you’ve just bought a new puppy. Every family member’s attention is focused on the new bundle of fur in the first couple of days and essential things can be easily forgotten. We’ve compiled a list of essential items you will need for the new family member, just in case you forget. Bedding Bedding is definitely a must have, even before the puppy has been brought [...] Continue Reading →

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Mar 252013
Border Collie with Extra Brains

Everyone likes to think that their dog is the most intelligent and can understand everything that they say, but Betsy’s owner can actually say this with some factual proof. This amazing Border Collie who lives in Austria is able to recognize over 300 words and commands and has even been been tested for her ability to interpret images and use cognitive thinking to associate objects. It is already common knowledge [...] Continue Reading →

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Mar 132013
What’s Your Dog’s “Type?”

Two days ago, at the dog park, I could not help but laugh at my twelve and a half year old lab. Abby was delighted to see Toby, a very large white Shepard. In his presence she completely forgets she is a “senior” and becomes a pup again. The behaviour I see is always predictable when she fancies another dog. Abby shows all the outward signs of being interested – going up [...] Continue Reading →

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Feb 082013
Assistance Dogs - What You Need To Know

Assistance dogs (also known as support dogs, aide dogs or service dogs) do exactly what is says on the tin! They assist people in everyday life where they are unable to do everything needed for themselves. This can be in a wide range of services such as hearing dogs, assisting physically disabled people, assisting the blind or partially sighted and therapy dogs, to name just a few. Assistance Dog Breeds Many different [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 272013
How To House Train A Puppy

Having a new puppy in the house is a wonderful feeling, but it doesn’t take long for the patience to wear a little thin when your new eating machine starts to output that food and water all over your carpet and sofa! It may seem that puppies go to the toilet every hour and you have no sooner cleaned up one mess than another appears; but puppies grow at a very fast [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 102013
How To Stop Your Dogs Obsessive Barking

Dogs Who Bark Too Much  Barking is a dogs way of communicating with you and you will never be able to eradicate it altogether; after all, dogs do bark! (although some dogs bark very little if at all). Although incessant barking can be extremely annoying, it is very important to try to discern why your dog is barking. There are often good reasons for a dog to bark and once [...] Continue Reading →

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Jan 092013
How To Lead Train Your Dog – For Real People

Myths About Lead Training Dogs  I have read many dog training articles and books over the years and most seem to have the same issue in common; they all assume that we dog owners were born innate dog training or pet behavioural instincts and skills. If we were all capable of training our dogs on the first try or with one or two simple commands, there would be no need [...] Continue Reading →

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Dec 042012
Do You Speak Dog? - A Training Guide Part 2

Guest Post Author: Dog with a Blog You Can Run But It’s Better To Hide! A couple of years back when I was a bit more boisterous than I am now, Mum decided to take me to agility classes held at the local kennels. (for the full, hilarious story on that fad, check out my blog post G.I. Jay). A lot of dogs, especially working breeds, can benefit from physical stimulation in [...] Continue Reading →

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Dec 042012
Do You Speak Dog? - A Training Guide Part 1

Guest Post Author: Dog with a Blog Do you have a dog who refuses to accept that you are in charge or who won’t take no for an answer? What about a chaotic canine or a mischievous mutt who you describe as being playful but your friends describe as Satan reincarnated? Chances are you have tried (and failed) to stick to obedience training, because quite frankly it’s too damn hard and you [...] Continue Reading →

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